A Countryman and a Snake

A countryman’s son stepped on a snake’s tail accidentally. The tail suddenly turned and hit him so that he died. The father was very angry so that he cut off part of the snake’s tail. Then, the snake in revenge stung several of the farmer’s cattle. It caused him great loss. However, the farmer decided to stop the fight with the snake. He brought food and honey to the mouth of its lair, and said to it, “Let’s forget and forgive. Perhaps you were right to punish my son, and take revenge on my cattle, but surely I was right in trying to revenge him. Now that we are both satisfied, why should not we be friends again?” “No, no,” said the snake. “Take away your gifts. You can never forget the death of your son, nor I the loss of my tail. Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten.”

A Stupid Man and His Cows

One day, a stupid man went to market. He bought six cows. After that, he rode one cow home and made the others walk in front of him. On the way he counted them, but he could only see five cows. He counted them again and again. He was certain that he had lost one. He was afraid that he would be scolded by his wife.

His wife was waiting for him in front of their house. As soon as he saw her, he said sadly that he had lost one of their cows. He did not know how it could happen. He was very careful.

Then, his wife asked him how many cows he bought. The stupid man answered that he bought six cows. However, he could only see five of them. His wife looked at him and laughed. She said that he was very stupid. There was not one cow less. There was one more.

Babu and the Lion

One day, there was a slave whose name was Babu. His master was very, very bad. You know, he often punched Babu and did not offer him food for days. Poor Babu! So he escaped into a forest and slept in a cave.

Next morning, he heard a loud roar. In front of him…., at the mouth of the cave…, was a very big lion. You see, Babu was scared to death! Kind of scary, isn’t it? But he could not escape.

But the lion didn’t attack him. It was tame. There was a large thorn in its right front foot. The lion looked at Babu. It seemed to say something like:”Please help me. It’s very painful.” Babu walked bravely to the lion and pulled out the thorn. Babu and the lion turned out to be friends.

Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine was a priest who lived long ago at the time of the Roman Emperor, Claudius II. Claudius would not let soldiers marry. However, Valentine secretly performed marriage services for them. Then, he was discovered and was thrown in jail. Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter while he was in prison. On the day he was put to death he sent her a little note which he signed, Your Valentine. Nowadays, many people think that Saint Valentine’s Day has something to do whit that story.

Snow White

Long ago, in the Neverland, there lived a very beautiful princess, Snow White. The Queen was her step mother. She was very jealous of her beauty, so she wanted her to die.

Snow White knew about the evil plan. She escaped into a forest. There she made friends with seven dwarfs and they lived happily.

Unlucky the evil queen knew that Snow White was still alive and lived in the forest, so she went there to kill her. The Queen turned into a witch. But Snow White did not realize it. The witch gave her a poisoned apple. As a result, Snow White was put into sleep for years.

In the end, a charming prince came to see her and revived her with a kiss. They lived happily ever after.