Babu and the Lion

One day, there was a slave whose name was Babu. His master was very, very bad. You know, he often punched Babu and did not offer him food for days. Poor Babu! So he escaped into a forest and slept in a cave.

Next morning, he heard a loud roar. In front of him…., at the mouth of the cave…, was a very big lion. You see, Babu was scared to death! Kind of scary, isn’t it? But he could not escape.

But the lion didn’t attack him. It was tame. There was a large thorn in its right front foot. The lion looked at Babu. It seemed to say something like:”Please help me. It’s very painful.” Babu walked bravely to the lion and pulled out the thorn. Babu and the lion turned out to be friends.